Anjuman Khairul Islam's

Poona College of Arts, Science and Commerce

Camp, Pune - 411 001 Maharashtra, INDIA.

Student Activities

Department of English:

  1. Presentation Competition
    The students were offered a platform for exhibiting their communication skills through a ‘Presentation Competition’ organized by the Department on 22nd February 2012. Students from Arts, Commerce, Science and Computer Science took part in this competition.
  2. Project Competition
    As a co curricular activity, the Department declared a ‘Project Competition’ in February 2012. The competition provoked a tremendous response from students who participated in the competition with great enthusiasm. The motive of organizing the competition was fulfilled as the projects revealed the interest with which the students delved into research, resulting in highly impressive and well illustrated written presentations.

Department of Urdu/Arabic/Persian

  1. All Maharashtra State Level Khan Bahadur Hidayatullah Inter collegiate Elucation Competition held on 29th January 2014 at Conference Hall of our College. Students of 15 Colleges participated in this competition. The net cash amount Ist prize 2500/-, IInd 2000/-, IIIrd 1500/- and consolation prizes rupees 500/-distributed to the winners of the competition. Janab Abu Saleh Ansari Chairmen AKI’s Trust Mumbai was the chief guest and Mr. Amjad Javid Prinicipal PU College Gulbarga and Dr.Abdul Latif Ansari HoD Urdu MSG College Malegaon were the Guest of Honor.

Department of Political Science

Most of the activities shall be carried out in common with the department of economic psychology, sociology and history under the agies of mental, moral and social sciences association

  1. 24th July 2010, group discussion – Problems of Minorities
  2. 29th December 2010, Quiz Competition for the Students of Dept. of Political Science.
  3. 30th December 2010 Essay Competition on “Secularism in India”.

Department of Sociology

  1. A fresher's party has been organized to F.Y.B.A Students on 5th September 2013.
  2. A farewell programme has been organized in association with Economics Department to T.Y.B.A Students on 7th March 2014.

Department of Psychology

  1. Active participation in organizing a farewell party of T.Y.B.A students on 26th Feb 2013 from Arts Faculty
  2. Soft Skills Development programme-cum-Workshop on Personality Development is conducted every year targeting the final year undergraduate students.
  3. Several programmes and workshops for the benefit of girl students and ladies staff are conducted every year under the aegis of ‘Vidhyarthini Manch’. The issues touched and highlighted are related to gender sensitization, self-employment, entrepreneurship, health, hygiene, self-reliance and confidence building measures.
  4. Free Job fairs are often conducted as a placement activity.
  5. Counselling of students susceptible and prone to multiple issues such as personal, emotional, psychological, educational and vocational, is attempted on a need based concern.
  6. Student get-together and staff-student interactions are facilitated by programmes such as welcome, farewell, Eid-Milan etc. every year.

Department of Commerce

Students participation in intercollegiate competitions

  1. “TECHNOVAFIESTA – III 2014” was organized by Poona Institute of Management Sciences & Entrepreneurship [PIMSE]. Prof. Shabana Mulla and Prof. Reshma Patil Guided students of SYBCA
  2. “TROIKA 2013” was organised by BMCC College on 1st Sep 2013 Prof. Dipika Kininge Guided students of TYBBA for participation in various intercollegiate competitions.
  3. “SARATHAAN’13” was organised by People Tree education Society’s college of Business administration on 1st Sep 2013 Prof. Dipika Kininge and Prof. Farooq Indikar Guided students of SYBBA and TYBBA for participation in various intercollegiate all India level competitions.
  4. COMM’FEST 13 was organized by Abeda Inamdar Senior College on 23rd -28th Sep 2013 Prof. Dipika Kininge Guided students of SYBBA and TYBBA for participation in various intercollegiate competitions.

Department of Electronic Science

  1. Organized a farewell/Send-off party to the final year TYBSc Electronics students on 30th March 2014 by the S.Y.B.Sc students. Principal Dr. G.M.Nazeruddin was the Chief Guest during this event.

Department of Mathematics

  1. A carrier development program and farewell has been organized for T.Y B.Sc (mathematics) students on 8th March 2014 lecture is delivered by Prof Khan Atiya the program is chaired by Principal Dr. G M Naziruddin and H.O.D Dr. Mir Yasin Ali Khan.

Department of Statistics

  1. Statistics Quiz for F.Y.B.Sc./ B.A. and F.Y.B.Sc (comp.Sc.) students on 11th January 2014, sponsored by PUSA Savitribai Phule Pune University.
    1. Mohammed Salman Khan stood first in our center in F.Y.B.Sc
    2. Aysa memon stood first in our center and second at University leve in F.Y.B.Sc (Computer Sc.)
  2. Statistics Quiz for S.Y.B.Sc/B.A. students on 11th January 2014, sponsored by PUSA Savitribai Phule Pune University.
    1. Shaikh Thareem stood first in SYBSc in our center

Department of Computer Science

  1. The Departmental Activity Unison was held on 11th January 2014 at an intracollegiate level. The students from F.Y.B.Sc., S.Y.B.Sc., T.Y.B.Sc. (Computer Science) participated enthusiastically in all the competitions. The various competitions held were Seminar, Poster, Quiz and Gaming competition. The active participation of the students left the jury members astounded and it became difficult for them to decide the winners because of the sincere efforts each student had put in. The jury members did a great job in giving unbiased and fair decisions thus selecting the best of all.

(Dr Mashhood Ali and Dr Arif Shaikh judging the students during Poster Competition)