• Knowledge Management System

Knowledge Management System

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FOX is an enterprise knowledge management system used for content management and helps digitally manage the documentation and information to

support its processes and business goals. The FOX software ensures that all information are organized and easilly accessible throughout any point

in the knowledge lifecycle. It helps to automate the processes , increase productivity and encourage teams across business to work better together.


Searching and navigation

Title and full text search. Advanced queries: support of phrase and fuzzy searches, searching with wildcards and operators. File search: find content

 in attached documents (PDF, DOCX) Auto complete: search input is automatically completed. Search-as-you-type:possible matches are found and immediately presented to the user


VisualEditor: richtext editor (WYSIWYG) for easy editing and fast formatting. PasteImage: inserting images via drag & drop and copy & paste. InsertFile: upload images.

Document Management

Upload maximum: allows to place a maximum size on each file that can be uploaded. All files: listing of all uploaded files and images with filtering. File versioning: 

when a new version of a file is uploaded, the old one is moved into an archive. File access control: restricted access to upload and read files and images to a given set of user groups associated with protected namespaces.


Versioning: history of changes to the articles, images and documents. Watchlist: follow articles and get notifications about changes. Notifications: user are informed about new activities by email and alerts. SmartList embeds Recent Changes in the content area, filtered by categories, namespaces, period et al.  Oldest pages: a list of pages ordered by latest revision.

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