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|+ Use Cases

! Knowledge Management !! Quality Management
Find knowledge quickly and keep it centrally
Fox is the most effective and the quickest tools for knowledge management in business. They are highly dynamic knowledge databases that let you collect and exchange your knowledge centrally. Your colleagues can expand and update the articles you create in this knowledge management system at any time. we can do

Key aims

Generate a dynamic, growing knowledge platform

  • Construct a central platform for all members of staff
  • Retain information

* Create transparency

  • Compose a central reference work
  • Accelerate the growth of knowledge
  • Make information more easily available
  • Simplify team work
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Supersede the intranet

Organize quality and processes centrally

Companies use Fox as a central quality management system (QMS) to develop all business processes.

Unbeatable advantages

Our enterprise Fox is made for quality management:

  • Fast editing with the best wiki software
  • Working with drafts, workflows and approvals
  • Versioning of articles and documents
  • Notification about changes
  • Current descriptions are centrally and online available